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    Question 1 „What event or occurrence in your life was particularly important for you?“
    Question 2 „What is particularly important to you in terms of social commitment?“
    Frage 3 „What should be in place so that you feel really comfortable on the MO campus?“
    Frage 4 „Why do you fit right in on the MO Campus? What is your motto or slogan in the MO community?“
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    Hochgeladene Datei:
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    Have you got any questions? Here’s where you’ll find the answers.


    How much is the rent for each apartment?

    • Type 1:
      22 m² (plus ca. 90 m² common room and terrace)
      = 625 euros including charges
    • Type 2:
      25-32 m² (plus ca. 90 m² common room and terrace)
      = 700 euros including charges

    How are the rooms furnished and fitted?

    The rooms at MO are furnished and fitted as follows:

    • fitted kitchen (floor cupboard, wall-mounted cupboard, open shelf, undercounter fridge)
    • wardrobe (height 2570 mm, width 1000 mm, depth 600 mm)
    • shelving
    • writing desk and chair
    • container with three drawers
    • bed frame including slatted frame
    • parquet flooring
    • bedside table
    • curtains
    • bathroom (shower, wash basin, WC, vanity unit, wall mirror, heated towel rail)
    • additional equipment (plates, cups, cutlery, glasses etc.)

    What is the common room equipped with?

    The common room includes:

    • induction cooker
    • dishwasher
    • kettle
    • large wooden table and chairs
    • pots & pans, plates, cups, cutlery, glasses etc.
    • vacuum cleaner and cleaning set

    Is a mattress included in the furnishings?

    No, a mattress is not included for hygiene reasons. A mattress in the special size 120 x 210 cm can be obtained from us at favourable terms for about 220 euros.

    Is there a balcony or a terrace?

    Each shared apartment has a large terrace or balcony.

    Do the buildings have disabled access?

    Yes, the M & O buildings have wheelchair access.

    Are the rooms fully furnished?

    Yes, the rooms are fully furnished.

    Is it allowed to hang pictures on the walls?

    Yes, pictures can be hung on the walls.

    Is smoking allowed in the rooms?

    Smoking is only permitted outdoors.

    Do I have to pay the broadcasting fee (GEZ-Gebühren)?

    No, this is included in the charges.

    How many people are permitted to live in one room?

    The rooms are for single occupancy and only one person may live there.

    Are visitors allowed?

    Visitors are allowed but having due consideration for others.

    Are pets allowed?

    No, pets are not allowed in the buildings. As well as the possible noise and smell, we do not consider the rooms a suitable environment for keeping pets.

    Is it possible to view the rooms in advance?

    Yes, you can check out a room that’s empty at the time of your interview or you can make an appointment to view.

    Are washing machines and dryers provided in the houses?

    Yes, both washing machines and dryers are available. They can be used and paid cashless by any of the residents for a small charge.

    Is car parking available?

    No, there are no parking spaces on the MO campus that can be used by students.

    Where can I keep my bicycle?

    There is a large, communal bike room for joint use by both houses.

    Where are parcels delivered?

    There is a parcel box or “Packstation” on the MO Campus, where all parcels and packages are left.

    Is there an internet connection?

    Yes, WLAN is available everywhere.

    Rental conditions

    What is included in the rent?

    • basic rent
    • additional charges (heating, water)
    • electricity consumption of the room and general consumption
    • internet
    • furnishings including private bathroom
    • common room including shared kitchen
    • caretaker service
    • broadcasting fee (tv, radio, computer – GEZ)
    • staircase cleaning

    What do I have to do if I want to rent a room?

    To rent a room in our student halls of residence, you have to apply here. Once we have received your application, we will contact you and, if applicable, will invite you for a personal interview.

    How much is the security deposit?

    The security deposit is a lump sum of 1,400 euros.

    Can I also apply for an apartment even if I’m not studying?

    No, you can only rent an apartment in the MO as a student with valid proof of enrollment.

    Is there a minimum rental period?

    Yes, the minimum rental period is one semester/six months.

    How long can I rent an apartment?

    You can rent the apartment for the entire duration of your studies.

    How long is the notice period?

    At the end of the minimum rental period of six months, you can terminate the tenancy in writing with two months’ notice to March 31 or September 30 of each year.

    What documents do I need to conclude a rent agreement?

    • your up-to-date cv
    • a certificate of matriculation/your training contract
    • your last three pay slips
    • an up-to-date credit report

    Can I sublet my apartment?

    No, subletting is not possible.

    What do I have to pay attention to when moving out?

    The apartment must be left clean and tidy. An inventory will be taken both when you move in and when you move out.